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Linden Cemetery Association Annual Newsletter

March 5, 2024

Dear members and friends of the Linden Cemetery Association (LCA),

Annually the LCA board updates our members on news and achievements for the past year while also asking if you would kindly assist with the continued maintenance of the cemetery grounds through a donation. Thank you to all of you who have already contributed this year.  The Linden Cemetery Association is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, 501(c)13, which oversees the Linden Cemetery (LCA Bylaws, Article I, 2024). The LCA bylaws were amended 5 February 2024.

In 2023, in addition to maintaining our cherished cemetery grounds where many of our own family and friends have been laid to rest, the LCA enhanced our tools for communication. A new website was created, the Facebook page was revitalized, a logo was designed, and the rich history of the cemetery and association was researched and published. Importantly, the LCA was thrilled to accept a generous gift of land from Bruce and Bernie Harris. Bruce Harris is a direct descendant of the original owners of a 320-acre headright assigned in 1848 to Edward and Jane Story. The Linden cemetery evolved from the Story family graveyard.

Sadly, in addition to the achievements we are reporting for the past year, we also recognize that many of us lost family and loved ones who are now interred in the Linden cemetery. Among them is our beloved former LCA treasurer, Ann Owens Ferrell. Our sincere condolences go out to all who have lost loved ones this past year.

In 2024 we will continue to work to fulfill our association’s mission of maintaining an attractive burial place for the deceased of our community, at a reasonable cost and in an orderly manner. (LCA Bylaws, Article II, 2024). We have planned a Spring clean-up day for Saturday, May 4th. At that time any of the items listed in the attached will be removed from the grave sites to maintain the beauty of the grounds and help to prevent injuries. Those who have placed items on the grave sites are encouraged to remove them prior to the clean-up day. For questions, please contact our LCA President, James Penny, at 903-824-1997.

If you have not already done so and want to assist with a donation of any amount, a check may be mailed to the Linden Cemetery Association, P.O. Box 863, Linden, Texas 75563 or transmitted electronically via PayPal on the LCA website at Your tax-deductible donation goes toward the continued upkeep of the cemetery.  We thank you for your support of the Linden Cemetery Association.

Executive Board of Directors

James Penny, President; Lynn Reynolds, Vice President; Dave Stewart, Treasurer; Kay Stephens, Secretary


Nancy Belford, Donna Berry, Kris Brock, Dana Clayton, Joyce Henderson, Sam Higdon, Bruce LeGrow,

Vicki Morse, and Jason Mitchell

Rules and Regulations

Linden Cemetery Association

  1. Headstones, Footstones, Columbaria, Monuments, Markers, and Mausoleums
  2. Only markers, headstones, and footstones shall be placed on plots. Monuments, mausoleums, columbaria, or any other structures are considered exceptions to the rules and require the written approval, by a majority vote, of the Board of Directors, for the design and placement location. Note that the presence of benches on plots existing at the time this rules document was approved (November 2018) has been grandfathered. If the grandfathered benches fall into disrepair, they will be removed at the direction of the Board of Directors by a majority vote.
  3. Embellishment of Footstone, Headstone, or Plot
  4. Flowers/decorations shall be placed only in a vase securely affixed to the headstone. Floral saddles shall be securely mounted on headstones. Decorations and flags shall be removed prior to them becoming unpleasant, frayed, or offensive to view. The groundskeeper will remove decorations if they become deteriorated.
  5. Wired flowers/decorations, toys, figurines, and other objects shall be securely affixed to the headstone to avoid a mowing hazard.
  6. Holiday embellishments shall be allowed annually during the no mowing time of December 1 through February 28. If not removed, they will be removed by the Cemetery groundskeeper. During this time, wreaths, baskets, etc. shall be firmly secured in the ground at the base of the headstone.
  7. No live plantings, except for grass, shall be allowed on the plot.
  8. Nothing shall be placed on the plot/lot other than the marker, headstone, and footstone. Examples of items not allowed on the plot shall include, but may not be limited to the following: floral/decorative easels and baskets, except for first (3) weeks of a fresh grave, shepherd hooks, fences, walls, retaining walls, curbing, blocks, metal rods, freestanding crosses or statues, decorative rock(s), stones, crushed stone, shells, brick chips, marble chips, mulch, artificial carpeting or grass, solar lights and any decorative lights, glass, ceramic, or earthenware vases/containers, glass marbles or discs, glass decorations, bottles. The cemetery’s groundskeeper has the right to remove and dispose of unauthorized items without notice.
  9. All photos of persons or things shall be allowed only as an inscription on a bronze or stone headstone or footstone. Photos that are attached separately to the markers, headstone, or footstone and/or covered with glass, metal, or other material are not allowed and are subject to removal by the cemetery’s groundskeeper.
  10. The Board of Directors of the Association, through a majority vote, has the right to remove any plot embellishment or inscription which, in the opinion of the Directors, is unsightly, dangerous, or otherwise inappropriate in the context of its surroundings.

Email:  Phone: 903-824-1997

                    Facebook: lindencemeteryassociation

LCA website: