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Macedonia Baptist Cemetery History

Information prepared and provided by Mason Barrett.

The Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1894 by Rev. C. Clark and others. The founding members were Deacon Jerry Peters, Sr. and his wife Mrs. Sally Peters, Deacon C.H. Peters and his wife, Mrs. Suzie Peters. For several years, the church operated with seven (7) members and two deacons.

Deacons who have served Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church are Doss Pruitt, Tony Pruitt, Tony Pruitt, Jr., Henderson Perkins, John Edmond, Hardy Mack, Ed Williams, Hardy Mack, Norman Waits, A. Allen, John Whitfield, Larvester Stephens, Austin Pruitt, Jr., Hamilton Rainge, E.V. Allen, George Allen, Willie Mitchell, Thomas Northcutt, Sr., Bennie L. Rodgers, Kim L. Spelling, and Gary L. Webster. Rev. Michael L. Johnson, Sr. is the current Pastor.

The church has had two cemeteries during its existence. The Old Macedonia Cemetery, located immediately west of the Linden Cemetery, on F.M 125 Highway, north of downtown Linden, which was the burial place for church members from approximately 1897 to 1947. Members buried in the Old Macedonia Cemetery include Deacon C. H. Peters, Deacon Doss Pruitt, Deacon Tony Pruitt, Deacon Tony Pruitt, Jr., Mrs. Sally Henderson Perkins, wife of Deacon Henderson Perkins, Elbert Perkins, son of Deacon Henderson Perkins, Ms. Mary Davis, Mrs. Ophelia Roper Edmond, wife of Deacon John Edmond, Becky Pruitt Perry, wife of Joe Perry, Ms. Bobbie Perry, Ms. Rosie Perry, Clarkie Pitts, Henry Pruitt, Mrs. Anna Allen Pruitt, wife of Henry Pruitt, Austin Pruitt, Sr., Mary Allen Pruitt, 1st wife of Austin Pruitt, Sr., Jim Earl Pruitt, Elbert Hall McWhorter, Robert “Bob” Northcutt, Mrs. Sarah Northcutt, wife of Robert Northcutt, Hugh Relford, Lurace Sanders, Florine Smith Sanders, and Junius Smith

World War I Army veteran Willie Pruitt, son of Deacon Toney Pruitt, Jr., and World War II Army veteran Carter Shepherd are buried there.

Mosaic Society of America members buried there are Anna Mitchell, Ellen Tucker, Virgie Tucker, Francis Stephens, and Willie Stephens.

The present church cemetery, Macedonia Cemetery, is located on Dorsey Street due south of the church.